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Meet Infinity Hash.

Get Passive Income From Bitcoin Mining As a Long-Term Investor Without KYC

  • Fully Transparent Bitcoin Mining.
  • Buy Infinity Hash Shares. Earn Daily.
  • High APR + 50% Reinvestment.
  • Fully Featured Dashboard.
  • No KYC required!

Investing Starts At 1 USD • Withdraw Anytime

  • Extremely Easy To Use
  • Daily Bitcoin Rewards
  • No Expiration Date

Profit Calculator

Invested Capital

Price per share
Shares purchased IHS


Auto Compounding

How many percent of rewards should be used to automatically buy more shares?

Estimated Returns

After based on the real profitability of the last 12 months.

Portfolio Value

Total ROI


Monthly Cashflow

How long you plan to invest before selling your IHS (there is no time limit!).

Investing Starts At 1 USD • Withdraw Anytime

After… Nr. of shares Portfolio value ROI Monthly cashflow

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So, Why Infinity Hash?

Let’s face it – Cloud Mining usually isn’t profitable or an outright scam, and Colocation Mining requires huge upfront costs and has high associated risks.

That’s Where Infinity Hash Comes In.

Infinity Hash Shares (IHS) are a tokenized version or stock of an entire mining operation. Each share is backed by real hardware, is tradable, and pays daily Bitcoin rewards.

Transparent And Profitable Bitcoin Mining

Buy Infinity Hash Shares and passively earn daily BTC rewards from the world’s first self-sustaining Bitcoin mining ecosystem. Each share is backed by real miners. We use the invested capital to buy the latest mining machines and expand our infrastructure.

1. Our mining farm uses the cheapest electricity possible to produce mining rewards.

2. Our mining pool sends us the mining rewards from our farms each day in BTC.

3. We deduct the electricity cost used by all miners and send them to our public energy wallet.

4. The first 50% of the rewards are directly paid out to investors in the dashboard on a daily basis.

5. The other 50% are used to buy new miners and increase future rewards for all shareholders.

6. Enjoy your gains, use the swap feature, buy more shares or withdraw anytime you want.

Current Project Stats

Miners in Pool

Pool Hashrate

Lifetime Rewards

Share Price

Total Shares


Investing Starts At 1 USD • Withdraw Anytime

Infinity Hash Solves Bitcoin Mining For You!

We combined the best aspects of cloud and colocation mining into a transparent and reliable system that provides long-term passive income.

Colocation Mining

  • High Profits
  • High Initial Price
  • Repair Costs
  • High Risk

Infinity Hash

  • High Profits
  • Low Initial Price
  • No Repair Costs
  • Low Risk
  • Full Transparency
  • Reliable & Long-Term

Cloud Mining

  • Low Profits
  • Low Initial Price
  • No Repair Costs
  • Low Risk

Do You Like The Feeling Of Daily Bitcoin Rewards?

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Investing Starts At 1 USD • Withdraw Anytime

Everything… In One Easy Dashboard.

A fully featured dashboard With Everything You Need In One Convenient Spot!

Unlike Any Bitcoin Mining Dashboard You’ve Used Before

Designed to give you full control over how your Infinity Hash Shares behave and provide easy access to useful features without having to use an exchange that requires KYC.

Earn / Purchase / Deposit / Withdraw

Auto Compound

Rewards Split

Swap Coins and Sell Your Shares

Investing Starts At 1 USD • Withdraw Anytime

Fully Transparent. Like It Should Be.

Trust is the foundation for the long-term success of a community project. Check our public mining pool at ViaBTC to verify which miners are running.

Live pool hash rate. Full insight into the actual performance.

Daily Earnings. Insight into the actual pool Bitcoin earnings.

Granular worker info. Live hash rate and status of each miner.

Public reinvest wallet. See the projects daily reinvest amount.

Public energy wallet. See the projects daily energy payments.

Electricity consumption. On a per-miner basis and for the pool.

Investing Starts At 1 USD • Withdraw Anytime

Infinity Hash Is special

Make sure to read our full FAQ linked below to get all information related to potential profits and risks before investing into the project.

We are the only fully transparent mining project with weekly updates, monthly transparency reports, and real-time public mining pool monitoring. Don’t trust, verify!

Because we don’t have any middlemen, cheap and reliable electricity, and we buy mining hardware in bulk, we can pay out the full amount of mining rewards generated.

This is a community Bitcoin mining project, so the community always comes first! We develop most of our features based on community feedback and do frequent polls.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is bad for privacy, a risk to high net worth clients, and doesn’t really help against money laundering. We don’t require KYC or any other identity verification.

You can use our entire platform with Bitcoin. Deposit BTC, get paid in BTC, withdraw BTC. Lightning support is just a few weeks away. TLDR: We are Bitcoin-Maxi friendly!

We have built our own fully featured and easy to use dashboard, which is regularly updated with community requested features. This allows us full transparency for all users.

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