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What is xIHS?

xIHS is a Bitcoin mining-backed community project token on Solana. For those who already know the Infinity Hash project, xIHS is like IHS on Solana, with 100% auto-compounding, company revenue-share and price appreciation instead of cash flow. TLDR: xIHS compounds daily mining rewards from IHS, receives a 50% company revenue share, and goes up in value infinitely.

IHS vs. xIHS

Here is an example showing the differences between normal IHS (BTC) –> paying out daily Bitcoin Mining rewards; IHS (AC)* –> using the mining rewards to buy more IHS; and xIHS, which does the same as IHS (AC) but compounds internally –> price goes up, amount stays the same.

* AC = Auto-Compounding –> You can select from 0% to 100% auto-compounding for IHS in your dashboard

After reaching 100% ROI, IHS (BTC) has accumulated its own value in BTC rewards, IHS (AC) has doubled to 2 IHS, and xIHS is still 1 xIHS but has doubled in value. Now the IHS:xIHS ratio has also doubled to 2:1, because 2 IHS = 1 xIHS.

How Does xIHS Work?

When you stake (deposit) your IHS into the xIHS-pool, you get xIHS in return as proof of your deposit. xIHS is a regular Solana token, while IHS only lives in our dashboard. The amount of xIHS you get is based on the current IHS:xIHS ratio. You can always claim (redeem) your IHS using the xIHS you got.

The Infinity Hash Share Lifecycle

What’s Happening In The Background?

Here is a detailed explanation of what happens from an accounting perspective and in the background for each step:

Staking IHS

Your perspective: Your IHS are deposited from your dashboard account into the xIHS-pool. For depositing your IHS, you receive xIHS at the current IHS:xIHS ratio as proof of your deposit.

In the xIHS-pool: The xIHS-pool mints (creates) xIHS tokens and sends them to your dashboard account.

Accounting: You sell IHS for xIHS at the current IHS:xIHS ratio.

Hodling xIHS

Your perspective: You now hold xIHS Solana tokens, which are appreciating in value each day based on Bitcoin mining rewards and company revenue share. You can withdraw, deposit and hodl it, send it to your cold wallet and trade it on a DEX or CEX.

In the xIHS-pool: The xIHS-pool receives daily Bitcoin mining rewards and a 50% company revenue share. Those profits are used to buy more IHS, which increases the IHS:xIHS ratio as well as future Bitcoin mining rewards.

Accounting:  You hold a token that appreciates in value instead of paying out daily Bitcoin mining rewards. In most jurisdictions, you only pay taxes if you sell it (in-profit).

Claiming xIHS

Your perspective: Your xIHS are deposited from your dashboard account into the xIHS-pool. For returning your xIHS, you receive IHS at the current IHS:xIHS ratio.

In the xIHS-pool: The xIHS-pool burns (deletes) the xIHS tokens you deposited and sends IHS to your dashboard account.

Accounting: You buy IHS with xIHS at the current IHS:xIHS ratio.

Behavior Of The xIHS-pool Account

The xIHS-pool account is the Infinity Hash dashboard account holding all staked IHS.

The xIHS-pool account is a normal user account with the following extra features and settings:

  • The account is set to 100% auto-compounding (buying more IHS with BTC mining rewards)
  • The account uses all USDT in its wallet to buy more IHS on a daily basis
  • Purchasing IHS with USDT from revenue share is done at random times to prevent coordinated trading
  • Purchasing will be done on the community marketplace if it is cheaper to pump the IHS:xIHS ratio

In the future, we can let xIHS holders decide on the details and behavior of the xIHS-pool Account via voting.

The IHS:xIHS Ratio

The IHS:xIHS ratio is the ratio at which you can swap IHS to and from xIHS whenever you want.

The IHS:xIHS ratio is a global ratio that does not reflect personal purchases. The initial ratio of IHS:xIHS at launch is 1:1. Here is how the ratio changes and is calculated:

  1. IHS:xIHS ratio = IHS in the xIHS-pool : number of xIHS in circulation
    • IHS and xIHS can be freely staked and claimed at the current ratio without any fees (dashboard)
  2. The ratio increases once daily as revenue share (in USDT) is used to buy new IHS
    • The ratio will continuously go up over time because of revenue share
  3. The ratio increases once daily as Bitcoin mining rewards are used to automatically buy new IHS
    • Since the xIHS-pool has 100% auto-compounding active, the ratio will continuously go up

Ratio Calculation Example:

  1. At the initial 1:1 ratio, user A stakes 10 IHS and receives 10 xIHS
  2. USDT from the revenue share is used to purchase 2 more IHS
  3. Daily mining rewards come in, and 8 more IHS are bought via auto-compounding
  4. The xIHS-pool ratio is now at 20 IHS : 10 xIHS = 2:1 –> This means 20 IHS in the xIHS-pool and 10 xIHS in circulation
  5. Here is what could happen next:
    • User A decides to claim 5 xIHS –> at a 2:1 ratio, he gets 10 IHS for 5 xIHS (the 5 xIHS are burned)
    • User B decides to stake 10 IHS –> at a 2:1 ratio, he gets 5 xIHS for 10 IHS


Why Should You Buy xIHS?

We want to give long-term investors the ability to take part in our stated goal of taking over the Bitcoin-Mining sector with a community project. You can now accompany us on our journey by holding xIHS. For we mine as one, build as one, and reap the rewards of our growth as one.

Investing Starts At 1 USDT • No KYC

50% Revenue Share

Since everyone holding xIHS is setting their shares on 100% auto-compounding and therefore putting a lot of trust in us, Sharehodlers will be participating in company profits too.

These are the current income streams we can provide for this purpose (withdrawal fees will be possible once we finish updating our payout system to actually provide nearly free withdrawals –> after that, we can think about features like automated weekly withdrawals that will cost a small fee, etc. after doing a community vote):

  1. 50% of trading fees from the swap feature in our dashboard –> we should be able to get our swap provider’s spread down even more over the next week and can then introduce an official and reasonable swap fee
  2. 50% of withdrawal fees (if any are active) –> after another payout update and generally cheaper fees
  3. 50% of listing fees for Infinity Hash reward pools –> this would become possible if the presale goes well
  4. 50% of profits from liquidity pools –> Once xIHS is online, we will be providing liquidity on DEXes and CEXes

All income types are sent to the xIHS-pool account in USDT on a daily basis. From there, the xIHS-pool account can use the USDT to automatically buy more IHS and pump up the xIHS price and IHS:xIHS ratio.

Over 1 Year Of Success

Infinity Hash started as a small community project with only 20 miners in June 2023.

The only thing we had when we started was our year-long experience in Bitcoin and Crypto mining and a vision to take over big parts of the Bitcoin mining industry with a transparent community project that actually pays out full daily mining rewards. We’ve built and delivered highly efficient and fully transparent cash flow for and with our community for over a year now. With xIHS, you can rest assured that you are investing in a stable, experienced project that can keep its promises.

Current Project Stats

Miners in Pool

Pool Hashrate

Lifetime Rewards

Share Price

Total Shares


Extremely Low Electricity Price

Depending on how much money we can raise with the presale, we might be able to directly buy a substation, extend the existing Infinity Hash location, and go into negotiations to further decrease the electricity price. Our current plans for the electricity price at Infinity Hash are as follows:

  1. $0.035 / kWh till the end of 2024: This could be done in multiple steps on a monthly basis. Depending on how much money we can raise with the presale, we might be able to reach this goal significantly faster.
  2. $0.017 / kWh till the end of 2025: Once the project has grown enough, we have enough cashflow to purchase a small power plant to use more hydro miners with heat recovery or buy a big, 60 MW gas turbine that uses otherwise flared gas to significantly reduce the energy price. Those bigger impact options would be discussed with the community in detail before voting on them.

Each of those electricity price milestones would lead to significantly increased profits for everyone involved and could enable us to operate most miners efficiently for several more years than without the electricity price reduction. If you already hold shares, you’ll see the effect of a steadily decreasing electricity price over the next months and weeks. TLDR: The bigger the project gets, the lower the electricity price and the higher the profits.

Multiple Locations For Security

Multiple locations are essential for lowering the operational risk of running any Bitcoin Mining operation.

If we have 4 locations with about 25% hashrate each, we could lose a full location and still be up and running and profitable. The most important thing is that, in case of a problem at one location, the project would have sufficient cash flow to relocate deployed hashrate without any problems and would just keep going. Here are the current active and planned locations:

  1. Asia (south Ural region): This is where most of our current miners are. The region is quite possibly the best in the world for Bitcoin Mining. The funds raised from the presale can be used to improve infrastructure and get extremely cheap hydroelectricity.
  2. Africa (Ethiopia): We already visited this mining location in early 2024. Electricity prices, security and stability are great with a government that is friendly to Bitcoin Mining. This location is ready to go, and we can start sending miners there as soon as we collect enough funds from the presale.
  3. Scandinavia (Finland): Ready to host at acceptable electricity prices with great security and stability. For this location, we have to buy a full hydro container to get started. If the presale goes well, we could directly do a community vote about it and decentralize the whole project even more.
  4. Scandinavia (Sweden): If we reach a significant amount of presale inflows, we could open up a location in Sweden. We already have the contacts and experience, and the country is great for Bitcoin Mining as soon as you have the money to buy a small power plant (no taxes on self-produced electricity).

All in all, opening up more locations would greatly reduce the risks for everyone involved. Collecting enough funds with the presale would significantly speed up our plans.

Cooperation Over Isolation

xIHS is a clear win for the entire Infinity Hash Community, as well as for Bitcoin and Solana.

Here is how each stakeholder will benefit from Infinity Hash as a project and the xIHS token in particular, without any drawback:

  1. The Infinity Hash Community: Not only will the profits for existing shareholders increase due to larger bulk orders for mining hardware and infrastructure (the bigger the orders, the bigger the discounts), but the increasing size of the community will also bring in new ideas, knowledge, contacts and stability. With the new influx of cash, we may also be able to expand to more and more locations, reducing the operational risk of the project.
  2. The Infinity Hash Project: Expanding to the Solana community will increase the size of the project and significantly reduce costs by scaling repairs, support, infrastructure, maintenance, and more. One of the biggest points of increased profit for everyone involved will be the ability to significantly reduce the project’s electricity price, which is the biggest profit driver.
  3. Bitcoiners and Maxis: xIHS can be held in the Infinity Hash Dashboard without ever touching a blockchain. This means you can participate even if you are a Bitcoin Maxi and don’t want to use Solana. For invested Bitcoiners and Bitcoin Maxis, xIHS won’t change anything; besides, we also benefit from the increasing size of the project.
  4. The Bitcoin Network: The Bitcoin network profits from Solana investors through the added hashrate financed by their money, which in turn increases the security of the Bitcoin network. Being in the hands of a community with actual community voting and investments starting at a few Sats, the effect will hopefully be even more positive than the usual big mining companies.
  5. Solana Holders: or Solana holders, xIHS offers an easy way to invest in and receive cash flow from the oldest and most stable cryptocurrency that has been providing daily mining rewards for over 10 years. All without leaving your favorite wallet.
  6. The Solana Project: The Solana Project benefits from xIHS because Infinity Hash connects the stability and cash flow of Bitcoin with the utility, accessibility and ease of use of Solana, adding another revenue stream to the Solana ecosystem and opening up future possibilities for dApps and Bitcoin-Solana cooperation.

Prepared For Major Investors

Infinity Hash is and will always be a community project—a community project that is ready for institutional-grade investments. Our current cap for investments that we can bring online within 1–3 months is at about 600 million USD, with full KYB and FIAT payment options if you need them. If you want to invest a significant amount into Bitcoin mining that is fully transparent and provides you with cash flow at unrivaled profitability from day 1, we have you covered!

Depending on the amount you want to invest, we can also provide you with significant discounts based on the discounts we get on bulk orders for mining hardware and infrastructure. Holding your investment as xIHS will give you the ability to fulfill regulatory requirements by storing them on hardware wallets instead of holding them in our dashboard. Furthermore, we can provide you with OTC deals, so you don’t have to rely on current market liquidity for investing and exiting.

Contact us on LinkedIn or via email to [email protected].

Fully Transparent. Like It Should Be.

Trust is the foundation for the long-term success of a community project. Check our public mining pool at ViaBTC to verify which miners are running.

Live pool hash rate. Full insight into the actual performance.

Daily Earnings. Insight into the actual pool Bitcoin earnings.

Granular worker info. Live hash rate and status of each miner.

Public reinvest wallet. See the projects daily reinvest amount.

Public energy wallet. See the projects daily energy payments.

Electricity consumption. On a per-miner basis and for the pool.

When Will xIHS Launch? Where To Buy xIHS?

The presale starts June 19th, 18:00 UTC, and ends July 19th, 18:00 UTC. You can participate in the presale via our presale application on Solana below. Currently, Phantom wallet is supported.

Investing Starts At 1 USDT • No KYC

xIHS Launch Plan

  1. Start of the presale: The presale will start on June 19th at 18:00 UTC.
  2. During the presale: We finish xIHS integration in the Infinity Hash dashboard, all preparations with existing launch partners (first centralized exchange, DeFi projects and payment providers) and finalize the xIHS Solana token itself.
  3. End of the presale: The presale will end on July 19th at 18:00 UTC.
  4. Directly after the presale: On July 20th we want to activate all xIHS features in the Infinity Hash dashboard and send all participants their xIHS tokens on Solana.
  5. First week after the presale: Trading starts on the first exchanges, and withdrawal + deposit support for xIHS in the Infinity Hash dashboard goes online.

Token Emission – Presale Investor Protection

Important: Because we can’t guarantee that IHS will pump or decrease in value during the presale, we decided to implement a presale investor protection which changes the xIHS token emission based on the following two options:

  • Option A – IHS pumps: If the IHS price at the end of the presale is higher than at the start, participants will get the IHS price at the time they sent their USDT. This ensures no loss compared to buying regular IHS.
  • Option B – IHS dumps: If the IHS price at the end of the presale is lower than at the start, everyone will get the final presale price. This guarantees no loss and ensures you get the best price without last-minute timing.

How-To Buy Presale xIHS?

How-To Do Presale Affiliate?

What Does xIHS Change For Affiliates?

If you are an Infinity Hash affiliate partner you might be wondering what the impact of xIHS will be on affiliate revenue during and after the presale. TLDR: Stuff will get even better! Here are both points in detail:

  1. During the presale: Affiliates can get 10% in xIHS on all xIHS pre-sold through their Infinity Hash dashboard ref-link (xIHS will be added to their dashboard account on the launch date) or their Solana wallet-link (xIHS will be sent to their wallet on the launch date).
  2. After the presale: The affiliate system will stay intact as you are used to. The only change will be, that IHS staked for xIHS in the Infinity Hash dashboard via your ref-code or ref-link will be counted as normal IHS and also pay 10% affiliate commission (note that they have 100% auto-compounding active, which counts as new purchases). This also stays active, if the referred user withdraws their xIHS tokens. The only limitation is, that externally bought and deposited xIHS (even if they are claimed for IHS) can’t be counted for affiliate commissions to prevent looping.